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Helsinki Shadow Book Fair 2829 October 2017

The eight annual Helsinki Shadow Book Fair will take place at the Peace Station (Veturitori 3) in East Pasila, Helsinki. For the third time the fair is extended to two days, the 28th and 29th October. 
Helsinki Shadow Book Fair has become one of the most awaited anti-authoritarian events in Finland. It offers radical viewpoints to the hottest political topics as well as to topics that risk being marginalized otherwise. The discussions, workshops and distributed literature cover themes such as anarchism, anti-militarism, animal rights, queer topics, feminism, anti-fascism, environmental issues and DIY-culture. Books, discussions, distros, cultural program and visitors together form an interesting combination that packs the Peace Station full of people year after year.
Additionally, the program includes a variety of literature distributors, music, workshops and an affordable vegan café whose profit will be donated to support local anti-authoritarian organizing.
Helsinki Shadow Book Fair intends to be safe and comfortable for everyone discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or on any other grounds will not be tolerated at the event.
The fair is organized by individuals, infoshop Mustan kanin kolo and the Union of Conscientious Objectors. Based entirely on voluntary work, admission to the bookfair is free of charge. Instead of making profit, the purpose of the fair is to offer a space for grassroots organisers and culture.

Hall of Peace station where program and exhibitors are located is wheelchair accessible when you choose a concrete ramp on the southern side of the building. This concrete ramp is wide and there’s handrails both sides. There are no stairs leading to the unisex toilet rooms but the toilet cabinet doors are not wide enough for wheelchair.

Downstairs sauna room where is food, is possible to enter stairs or on the east side of the building, where is similar concrete ramp than the other but a bit steep and bumpy: we’ll help if needed! On downstairs there’s one unisex toilet that is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

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