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Shadow Bookfair wants to encourage to take action
For the eighth time, the independent literature event Helsinki Shadow Bookfair is here again! The two-day bookfair will be held in Peacestation, Pasila on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of October 2017. As before, Peacestation will be filled with all kinds of small publishing houses and independent distributors spreading pamphlets, books and other literature. Some key subjects, among others, will be anarchism, antimilitarism, animal rights, antifascism, environment, do it yourself -culture, queer and feminism.
The Shadow Bookfair offers an alternative to the expensive and commercial Helsinki Bookfair, where most space is given to big publishing houses and literature that pleases the mainstream. The Shadow Bookfair program will be composed of new and interesting works, but will also bring forward themes and action that might go under the radar for mainstream events.
This year we’re presenting for example the book Gendered Violence, Pohja by Laura Gustafsson released this autumn, Olli Tammilehto’s Tuhokehitys poikki and a reprint of the classic ABC of Anarchism by Alexander Berkman. The newest issue of the anarchist Kapinatyöläinen (’Rebel Worker’) magazine will be published in the Bookfair. 
In addition to presenting new works, the event encourages everyone to act against oppression and for a better world. In the program and the exhibitors’ materials there will be information offered about themes, events and projects against oppression.
The Shadow Bookfair aims to be an easily approachable anti-authoritarian event, where you can come and sit down to follow the presentations on new works, get to know the exhibitors or just enjoy some coffee and baked goods in the vegan pop up café open during the event. 
We do not tolerate discrimination in the event, we follow the principles of safer spaces and we will intervene to disturbing behaviour.
Accessibility information and other practical stuff will be found from this site.
The event is free of charge.
Welcome to participate in one of the most popular anti-authoritarian events in Helsinki!
varjokirjamessut [at]

Hall of Peace station where program and exhibitors are located is wheelchair accessible when you choose a concrete ramp on the southern side of the building. This concrete ramp is wide and there’s handrails both sides. There are no stairs leading to the unisex toilet rooms but the toilet cabinet doors are not wide enough for wheelchair.

Downstairs sauna room where is food, is possible to enter stairs or on the east side of the building, where is similar concrete ramp than the other but a bit steep and bumpy: we’ll help if needed! On downstairs there’s one unisex toilet that is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

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