Helsinki Anarchist Book Fair is held on Sun 26.10.2014 – this year for the fifth time!

Helsinki Anarchist Book Fair 2014

Infoshop Mustan kanin kolo and Union of Conscientious Objectors (Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto), will organize the fifth annual Helsinki Anarchist Book Fair (Varjokirjamessut) 26th of October 2014. The alternative book event takes place at Peace Station, East-Pasila district of Helsinki (Veturitori 3).

The Helsinki Anarchist Book fair is an interesting and free of charge alternative to Helsinki Book Fair that takes place at the same time in Messukeskus. There will be a lot of vendors and books that you can’t find at Messukeskus!

There will be plenty of literature on such topics as anarchism, feminism, animal rights, antimilitarism, immigration, environmental resistance and many others. Besides from different book stalls there will be interesting talks on different topics, presentations of books, music and reasonably priced lunch cafe.

The event will be organized completely on voluntary basis, and we are not aiming to make profit but instead to provide place for different groups and individuals organizing on grassroots level. We will not have material or symbols connected to political parties at the event as we want to support a decision making process that is based on free association of individuals who make decisions together, not centralized power structures.

If you want to have a sales or information table or provide program to the event contact us at


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